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I am stuck. I don’t allow myself to create! How come all these other women (and men) have time to make beautiful quilts, sweaters, hats for charity, wedding dresses and sew their own underwear. Now wait a second. I used to do that. I made great underwear. I had the time then.

Okay, now I have the time. My last day of pay-for-your-soul work was last week (by choice). I am free to do what my heart has always desired: earn a living by my own wits and talents. Talents being sewing, weaving, knitting, crocheting, spinning, dyeing, writing, etc.


I’m at home. Home means water plants, clean the shower, brush cat, read mail, find battery, fill bird feeder, do dishes, make sun tea……..

So how do I move beyond my tasks, and start creating a life and living that I love? Bold actions are required!

A few months ago I bought a book about leaping over all the fences that stand between me and my dream. Great book. Talks about all my self-imposed obstacles. But that doesn’t mean I leaped over all the fences. Quiting work was a huge leap over a fence. But I need to do something to forward my plans of a creative life every day. How do I accomplish that --- instead of looking up the word procrastinate in the dictionary and reading the next word, procreate, and then seeing procumbent, what does that mean?…..etc. (just to save you time, it’s what my friends plants look like after her new puppy has trampled over them).

So here’s my new system. I spent a day writing down things that I could do to move me forward with my creative life plans. All fun things, all creative, all inspirational. Put about 30 things on little slips of paper, folded and put in a jar. My plan: each time I’m stuck I pick one piece of paper from the jar, and do that piece of creativeness.

Today, my first day to pick a creative from my jar. Watered plants, feed cat, read the mail, made tea. Ate cereal. Okay,here it goes, I need to pick out a good one. This will be fun……

“Write the first page of a blog”


Sewing,quilting,knitting,natural dyeing,weaving, cats, family, genealogy, travel anywhere, eating simply, reading books about strong women.